Musician, actor, and retired sales & marketing rep, CA Humer, Cheryl, grew up in small town Wisconsin. She was born into a family that valued the arts but had a firm foundation in practicality. As a child, they encouraged her to express herself in a variety of ways. Music, dance and performing were passions growing up, but she always felt a tug toward writing. Tamping down her creative side, Cheryl chose business and sales–relegating her artistic inclinations to a side-line. When her creative hunger bubbled to the surface, she satisfied the urge to write by creating marketing campaigns, scripts, and newsletter articles. Now retired, the book that percolated in her imagination for decades has found its release, along with several others waiting to break free. Before, music and acting were her all-consuming passions. Now, Cheryl can’t stop imagining or writing. Cheryl and her husband live in the Fort Worth metroplex with their two cats. She enjoys travel, reading, and a good glass of wine.

Real world finds in her novels

Kate's "Piano Bar"

CA is inventive with her writing and re-purposing old furniture. This 1893 upright piano was beyond making Music but after a little creative renovation is perfect for making Manhattans.  CA removed the harp but left the steel backboard for the visual interest, pulled the keys, replacing them with a solid surface, added a floating shelf and touched up the finish.  The variety of adult beverages are compliments of her husband Don. This is the piano bar Kate admired at the architectural salvage when she visited there with Sam. 

Ophelia aka "Feelie"

This sweet little girl is the kitty Sam must save to overcome his fear of failure and win Kate's love. Notice the little black spot on her chin from which she gets her name - Ophelia or Feelie for short.​

She plays a major role in the next book in the Sam & Kate series, Artistic Deception. See Coming Soon for an excerpt.