Art from Darkness (2023)

Sam Slater, retired Navy SEAL, has returned to his hometown of Fort Worth, TX working with Homeland Security to curb the increase in illegal drug and weapons smuggling out of Mexico. He is working to build a future but struggles with personal recriminations for past failures in Afghanistan to protect those he loves until he meets free-lance journalist, Kate Hunter. While Sam struggles with his dark demons, he keeps Kate at arm's length.​

Carlos Ramirez, Attache to the Mexican Consulate, sees a beautiful and sensuous woman that will satisfy his physical desires and enhance his image as a political candidate. He is the middle son of the powerful Ramirez Drug Cartel. They are expanding the business into weapon smuggling. His role as Attache is a perfect front for their illegal activities. But Carlos' ambition doesn't stop there. He is determined to have Kate as his wife and First Lady of Mexico. Carlos is rich, debonair, charismatic and the quintessential gentleman; everything Kate always thought she would want in a potential mate.​

Sam must find the evidence to put the Ramirez Cartel out of business and overcome his fear of failure to win Kate's love.

Artistic Deception (coming September 2024)

As a Homeland Security Agent, Sam Slater assumes the challenge of stopping the human trafficking and exploitation of illegal immigrants while his wife, Kate Hunter, exposes the tawdry business through her writing.​

Moving back to Fort Worth, Sam’s dad befriends a widow raising her two grandchildren, who become victims of Victor Marchetti, owner of several adult entertainment businesses in the southwest. Sam suspects the Marchetti Syndicate is working with the Coyotes to bring illegal immigrants into the country, and the sex trades. The clever manipulations used by Marchetti’s ‘talent scouts’ lure young innocents into the evil business of adult entertainment and worse.​

When Kate’s articles hit too close to Marchetti, Sam must protect her and rescue the exploited women, finally putting a stop to the human trafficking perpetrated by both sides of the border.